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Welcome to Rapid-Sell.ca

272,000+ items sold and counting! Entering its 14th year, Rapid-Sell is a division of David Moore & Associates, online auctions and appraisals. This is where the magic happens – our major network of over 20,000 buyers frequent our site on a weekly basis, eager to bid on farm equipment & machinery, automobiles, construction equipment, estates, liquidation, real estate, and every knick-knack & collectible in between. With Rapid-Sell, everything sells!

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Upcoming Auctions

Apr 25
105 Sparkling Treasures Now Up

Radiant Treasures - Diamonds, Gems & Gold - Guelph

  •   Apr 21 @ 12:00pm EDT (Start)
  •   Apr 25 @ 6:30pm EDT (End)
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"Jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles." - Sonja Henie Ease your mind by checking out the beauty in this auction! 14K gold chains, pendants and rings, beautiful diamonds in a variety of cuts and carats, sparkly gems in many shapes and sizes and highly collectible Sherman jewellery as well. You’ll also find collectible coins, Birks sterling silver and vintage watches including Rolex and Wenger.  Become truly radiant and bid on the pieces you’ve been dreaming about!

Apr 25
826 Items are all now uploaded

Spring Fever Multi Consignor Auction - Guelph

  •   Apr 21 @ 12:00pm EDT (Start)
  •   Apr 25 @ 7:00pm EDT (End)
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Spring has sprung! Time to wake up and smell the flowers…and the amazing items found in our upcoming Multi Consignor Auction! What a line up; beginning with a Gehl skid steer, Kubota lawn tractor, a John Deere tractor and attachment, a Yamaha golf cart and a utility trailer! Have some projects you want to start? Look no further, as we have skids of milled lumber, live edge, oval and charcuterie stock too, and a variety of tools to get you started! There are also brand-new rugs, art from a local artists, vintage and MCM furniture and various antiques. Quality gems are also on the block, as well as tins of saffron, vintage Barbie and collectible toys and even historic farming books. Take a look at this extensive catalogue and you will find what you’ve been looking for!

Premium Event Rentals Auction - Guelph

  •   Apr 28 @ 12:00pm EDT (Start)
  •   May 2 @ 7:00pm EDT (End)
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The weather is getting warmer, which means BBQ’s, parties and lots of entertaining! Check out this premium event rental auction, and stock up on all the necessities. Lovely pine harvest tables, Royal Doulton plate and bowl sets, gold or silver coloured cutlery sets, and multiple types of glassware are up for bids! Not to mention an enclosed cargo trailer and a bouncy castle with blower! Tons of great items in this auction, check it out and bid, buy and win!

Moving Sale for Ruth Gallaugher - Alliston

  •   May 5 @ 12:00pm EDT (Start)
  •   May 9 @ 8:00pm EDT (End)
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Here is a moving sale full of nostalgia and history. Fantastic vintage finds in this auction include an antique curved glass cabinet, a Philips Stereophonic cabinet, depression glass, a Westminster chime clock in excellent condition and even antique wash bowl & pitcher sets. You can find some rare items like a uranium glass set, a vintage hanging bird cage or a Seth Thomas clock with key.  You’re not done yet! Step outside to see a multitude of lawn tools, an octopus lawn flower display and a huge selection of baskets for any decorating idea you can come up with! Get cozy with wool blankets, flannelettes and quilts and up your chore game by stocking up on cleaning supplies, irons and ironing boards and vacuums.  This is a great sale you need to check out and bid, buy and win!

May 12

Travis Hall Equestrian Centre Farewell Auction - Centre Wellington

  •   May 8 @ 6:00am EDT (Start)
  •   May 12 @ 8:00pm EDT (End)
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Cataloguing for this auction is currently in progress. Please keep an eye out for the full inventory coming soon! Contents include farm equipment, jumps, saddles and tack and all things equestrian.  Stay Tuned!

Timber Tech Bonanza: Woodworking Equipment Auction - Acton

  •   May 12 @ 12:00pm EDT (Start)
  •   May 16 @ 8:00pm EDT (End)
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"A good craftsman never blames his tools, but he also never settles for anything less than the best." If you’re looking for quality to be the best, look no further! This woodworking equipment auction is full of high-quality equipment in great condition.  Starting off the auction is a Shop Fox 10” sliding table saw, a King industrial drum sander, and King stationary air compressor. There is a Craftex bandsaw and Grizzly industrial oscillating spindle sander, as well as Laguna heavy duty dust collection unit. Supplies are up for bids as well, like new drill bits, wood glue, screws and bolts and multiple wood lots. A welding helmet, winter tires and a fork truck are also available, and so much more! Take a look and take note of all of the super buys that could be yours!

Moving Sale for Ryerson Nicklin - Guelph

  •   May 12 @ 12:00pm EDT (Start)
  •   May 16 @ 8:00pm EDT (End)
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Auction is currently being catalogued. This notice will be removed once all items are finalized. 

Auction for Norma Gilmour & the Late John Gilmour - Puslinch

  •   May 26 @ 12:00pm EDT (Start)
  •   May 30 @ 8:00pm EDT (End)
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This auction is currently being catalogued. This notice will be removed once all items are finalized.

Jun 6

The Big Bloom Multi Consignor Auction - Guelph

  •   Jun 2 @ 12:00pm EDT (Start)
  •   Jun 6 @ 8:00pm EDT (End)
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We are accepting your quality consignments! Equipment, vehicles, tools and collectibles! Please contact us to reserve your spot! Dates are tentative.

Sep 5

Horological Heritage: An Extensive Private Collection of Timepieces

  •   Sep 1 @ 12:00pm EDT (Start)
  •   Sep 5 @ 8:00pm EDT (End)
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Dates are tentative. This auction is currently being catalogued. This notice will be removed once all items are finalized. 

Apr 18
A Premium Home Auction @ 8 pm Today - Bid, Buy & Win

The Living Estate of Angelo Longo - Guelph

  •   Apr 14 @ 12:00pm EDT (Start)
  •   Apr 18 @ 8:00pm EDT (End)
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Start your April off with a bang by checking out this fantastic estate sale! Top items in this sale include a wireless Dyson handheld vacuum, Pyrex Fridgies, a Code Black drone, Samsung TV and a Cuisinart skillet. Beautiful and famous works of art include a Limited-Edition Robert Bateman, vintage Ken Danby and a Roy Thomas Limited Edition print amongst many others. Stamp collectors can get their fill of pristine stamp collections from the 90’s and early 00’s as well as many others. Beautiful household furniture is up for bids, including Krug nightstands, Gibbard four poster bed and sideboard or even Hauser stools. Countless other collectibles, tools and lovely household items can be yours too! Explore and enjoy!

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L. Moyles
I had to get a 4,600 sq ft house cleared out in a hurry. David and his team are the most professional persons that I have ever dealt with. They were compassionate and understanding about the duty that I was dealing with. They know their business and even taught me a thing or two.

— L. Moyles